FAQs & Helpful Moving Tips

How to Choose a Mover
When you choose a moving company, take into consideration not only the price, but the services included in the price, as well as the movers’ reputation. Do a good share of research on your moving company before you confirm with them.

Before Moving Day
Reserve a moving day with your moving company. Make sure that pick-up and delivery dates are guaranteed by your moving company. If you are uncertain about your exact moving date, ask your moving representative to reserve a speculative date and explain that there is a chance it may be changed. Make arrangements for transporting your pets and plants. Call your moving company and confirm a few days before the move.

If you want your packing to be insured, have our professionals do the packing for you. If you choose to do your own packing here are a few tips:

  • Do not empty your dresser drawers, only remove valuables and breakables.
  • Leave your closets/hanging clothing until last. If you run out of time/energy to pack your closets, there are wardrobe boxes on the truck and you can rent them for just 5.00 a box. You do not have to make this decision until the day of the move. The boxes are on the truck whether you use them or not.

Make arrangements to have all utilities shut off (gas, electric, cable etc.) Make arrangements to have all utilities turned on at your new home.

Get rid of anything you don’t want to bring along on your move.

Fill out a post office change of address form. Fill out an IRS change of address form.

If you’re moving out of state, find out about auto licensing and registration.

Notify the kid’s schools of the move, and have their records transferred

Make sure to mark any items you will take with you in the car or on a plane “Do Not Move.”

On Moving Day
Each move is supervised directly by a Foreman (the driver). The Foreman is in charge of the other movers and is responsible for fulfilling the moving agreement in a professional and smooth manner. Refer to the Foreman with all remarks, questions and last minutes requests.

Be sure to receive copies of the “Insurance Form,” before the move is started.

Make sure the movers have directions to their destination.

While unloading, tell the movers the new location of every item. Many customers prepare a “Floor Plan,” prior to the move. If you have one, give a copy to the movers. Placing all furniture and boxes in their new location will save you valuable time and make your moving-in process smoother.

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